LÖVE Web Builder

This is a tool to package, build and run LÖVE games for the web.


The web packaging relies on the pre-built Love.js by Tanner Rogalsky.
The available Love.js build is based on version 0.11.1 (a pre-release of the final 11.0) and not the latest version.

It is intended for smaller games (a few megabytes) and focuses on compatibilty, performance and ease of deployment and running.

Package Your Game

Use this to package your project and get a shiny deployable HTML5 page.

Run a LÖVE Project

Here you can directly run your project on the web player and check compatiblity.

Write and Execute Code

An easy way to test the web player with a single LUA file.

Hints for running your game on the web

  • Big games don't perform well, try to keep asset file sizes low (use pngout and lower sampled .OGG files). Make sure you don't have unused files in your package.
  • Test your game thoroughly to ensure that the selected amount of memory is enough. It might only crash in some rare case, adding a few MB over the minimal amount is advised.
  • FFI is not supported so the libraries used by the LÖVE3D projects are not working
  • Support for threading on the web seemed barely working, very unstable and cumbersome so I had to disabled it. This means LUA threads and audio sources with type 'stream' are not working.
  • The seek function for sound sources is not implemented.
  • Changing resolution with love.window.setMode is not working, set your canvas size to a fixed resolution in love.conf.
  • Shaders can behave different (or not work at all) depending on the browser. Also shaders that work on desktop OpenGL can easily not work in the WebGL context.
  • Some TTF fonts that work on desktop platforms are not supported and can give weird error messages like 'cursors not supported' or 'function' when they are being used. These pixel-fonts work fine.
  • Built Games

  • Space Ninja - Swing through gravitational pulls of stars and planets in this tricky action game!
  • Tofu Royale - The ultimate Battle Royale Cooking game!